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The 5 Online Tools Key to Securing That Great Marketing Job

It’s no surprise that digital marketing is one of the fastest growing professions around the world.

online tools for marketing job

While many employers will check out your resume when you apply to them and see what your past record looks like, to really nail those top jobs you’ve got to make sure your online presence is just as solid.

Here are our top 5 ways to boost your chances of nailing that next job through online tools:

1. Link on LinkedIn

It’s a given that if you are looking to succeed in marketing, or indeed any profession, you need a LinkedIn profile. That doesn’t mean simply posting your CV to the site and hoping for success. It’s a site with a lot of value added extra. You can network with your peers, write your own marketing posts and develop your reputation and comment in online debates.

It’s worth looking at other marketing professionals and seeing how they use the platform and copying the best practice. You’ll find that none of them use the site as a CV repository and many use the full arsenal of tools available.

2. Build a Blog

It’s still the most important way to show you know what you’re talking about when it comes to marketing. Yes, there are plenty of similar blogs out there but yours can be different if you try hard enough. Don’t settle for the tired old posts that everyone else has done and look for new and interesting angles that can start a conversation. Nor should you shy away from being controversial, just don’t go to over the top.

3. Twitter and Facebook

With any job, potential employers check social media feeds as a matter of routine. You should ensure that you have nothing on your timeline which could embarrass you, including those old snapshots of your night out in London.

But you also have the opportunity to show prospective bosses that you know how to use social media well – use it to highlight your interest in marketing and link to or repost articles that benefit your persona.

4. Guest Posting

Another way to improve your reputation online is to guest post on various sites. While these are more difficult to get onto nowadays, many are always looking for good content, even if it’s unsolicited. Try to pick high quality sites and not easy wins that have less market value – putting in a little extra work to get an article on a reputable site is well worth the effort and can pay dividends for months if not years to come.

5. Freelance Star Ratings

Many marketing professionals do a little freelancing on the side. Some will even work at it full-time. You need to remember that this is all part of your online persona as well. That means looking after your star ratings, often the measure of what customers think about you. Doing good work in itself should encourage good reviews irrespective of whether you’re a content writer, web designer or PPC expert.

Finally, one other thing you should be doing regularly, even when you aren’t job hunting, is checking your online presence on Google. This isn’t vanity, it makes good common sense. You don’t want something popping up on the results page that will affect your job prospects. And that can happen more often than you think.


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