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5 Ways to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

It can be hard to know where to start when you’re a) ready for your first job or b) ready for a new one.

dream digital marketing job

The good thing if you’re looking for a job in this day and age is that it’s far more acceptable now than a few decades ago to reach for the stars and have a crack at your dream job. But how does one go about first of all finding, and subsequently getting, that role?

We’ve put together an easy list of 5 things to do to land the digital marketing job of your dreams.

Work out what your dream job is

It’s easy to say that you want to land your dream job, but what exactly is it? Digital Marketing is an exciting place to work, and if you get the right role for you it’s something that can be challenging, rewarding and exciting every day. But you need to know what it is that will deliver those facets to you. So do your research, have a browse through the listings on, and look into various roles that the industry offers.

Skills and Qualifications go further than your smile

Whilst a pleasant personality, a winning smile and a confident demeanor in an interview all go a long way to landing you a job, when it comes right down to it, HR Execs want someone who can do the job well, not make them feel nice about themselves. If you’re in the hunt for your dream job, you can be sure that loads of other people have the same idea. So level-up: go get that online certificate in Search Engine Optimisation, build your own WordPress website to put on your CV that you can do that too. Basically, find any way in which you can separate yourself on paper from all the other nice, smiley, confident candidates in the room.

It’s not all about the CV

With all that said, don’t let focusing on skills and qualifications get in the way of real-world experience. Whilst you might be able to show a certificate and say you know how to build a website, it’s always going to be better if you actually did. Make sure you get out there and put in hours in the industry. That doesn’t mean it has to be a full-time job – just doing your own project will help – but authenticity in skillsets always shines through in applications and interviews.

Don’t Be Deterred by a Lack of Experience

One thing we hear a lot from our clients is that seeing ‘Minimum 5 years experience needed’ is one of the most dreaded things on a job description. But just because you haven’t held a similar title for that amount of time doesn’t mean you can’t find things in your past that match those attributes. If your dream job requires offline marketing as well as the digital space for example, think about that time when you were working at the supermarket and helped them put up signs at the front…

Know Your Story

Finally, know your story. This one can’t be stressed enough. If you’re qualified and confident in an interview, but you can’t remember what exactly you wrote about a job on your CV and get asked a question on it, it won’t look great. Make sure that whatever your interviewer knows about you, you know too.

Good luck getting that dream marketing job!

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