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6 Things You Should Do After Receiving a Job Offer

It is a good idea to get ready for your new job. Here we have come up with 6 things you should do after receiving a job offer.

things you should do after receiving a job offer

It can be an exciting time and an incredible feeling of relief when you have been searching for a new job for a long time, go through the whole application process, pass the interview, and hit the jackpot by finally landing the job you were after.

It is a good idea to put preparations in place, so you are all ready for your new job. Here we have come up with 6 things you should do after receiving a job offer.

Be Sure You Want to Accept the Offer, You Don’t Have to

The employer giving you the job offer will most likely deliver the news to you via a phone call. However, in the digital age of today, you may well receive the news first via an email or an online message. You should definitely think carefully before accepting the offer. You most certainly shouldn’t feel pressured into having to accept a job offer, and you should do so of your own volition.

Before accepting the job offer, you have to feel fully reassured that you’ve got the necessary skills and qualifications, and relevant experience. Make sure you have an understanding what the day-to-day work-related tasks will be, and that you possess some level of interest in completing them.

Celebrate Your Good News and Share It with Others

Of course, getting the news that you’ve managed to secure a new job is a moment to celebrate, especially if it’s a career promotion that you’ve been working towards for a long time.  Fulfilling your career goals and feeling as if you are progressing in your field of work can be extremely satisfying.

You may want to go and share your good news about your new job offer with the special people in your life such as your family and friends. Perhaps even go and organize a special meal or a trip out to celebrate the occasion with your close ones.

Decide What Clothing Items to Get for Work

Undoubtedly, a requirement to exhibit professionalism at your new job will be to wear the appropriate gear to work, whether you are a railroad engineer wearing a high-visibility jacket and protective headgear for your safety at work or a Wall Street banker who has to wear a smart suit and trousers into work. Before setting foot in your new workplace, perhaps go shopping in a mall or online to ensure you’ve got appropriate items of clothing that are in line with your new employer’s policies on clothing.

Try and Calmly Negotiate Your Salary Package

When you get offered a job you are interested in, you should show your thanks and appreciation to your new employer. However, soon afterward, it may be wise to talk through your salary package situation with your employer in more detail so that you know where you stand. Discussing your salary package with your employer is not greedy or grasping, and it’s a perfectly reasonable query to put to your employer. After all, you’ve got bills to pay as everyone else does, and you may have a family for who you also need to budget your money.

To assess whether the salary package you are being offered is worthwhile, you should also consider whether you will get any financial bonuses, the perks of the job, your company’s 401(k) plan contributions to your pension, health insurance, childcare, paid holidays, and paternity/maternity leave.

To learn more about how to negotiate your salary over the phone when responding to a job offer, take a look at this article on salary negotiation by the career coaching platform Placement, which is there to help keep you focused when finding the right career path for you. Remember to value your worth as an employee and be willing to walk away from the job offer if the salary package is clearly unfair.

Make Sure Your New Workplace is a Commutable Distance

It’s not a good idea to accept a job that is unrealistically far away from your home. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting a vast chunk of your week traveling to and from work. For example, if the job you’ve been offered is 2 hours away by car, you will be driving to and from work for a minimum of 4 hours every day. That is precious time you could have spent with your friends and family doing the things you really enjoy in your free time.

Go on maps online and take a look at how far away your work is to give you a good idea of the size of the commute to work that you will face. Help protect the planet by not pumping harmful chemical substances into the Earth’s atmosphere through driving into work. Choosing to take public transport or even using a bicycle to cycle to work is a wonderful sustainable idea. Sometimes in busy urban areas such as Manhattan in New York, it can be quicker and cheaper to get public transport to get around the city instead of traveling by car and spending ages in traffic jams.

Stay in Contact with Your New Employer

Stay in good contact with your new employer leading up to your first day at work, as you may need to immediately respond to requests for paperwork from your employer for things such as background checks. Not communicating with your new employer and staying silent before starting your new job is certainly not a good look and may leave a bad impression on your employer.

After receiving the welcome news of being offered a new job, try not to get too carried away and make sure you’re making the right decision for your career path and professional progression. When deciding on whether to go forward with a job that has been offered to you, ask yourself the classic question ‘Where do I want to be in 5 years?’.  Try and do your best to advance and move forwards in your career and avoid taking any backward steps by taking on job opportunities that are not right for you.

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