8 Steps for Video Marketing Success On TikTok

Here's 8 steps for video marketing success on TikTok using the example of becoming an affiliate of a dropshipping course.


Ellen Mae
TikTok video marketing
TikTok video marketing

TikTok is not merely a leisure activity, despite what the majority of people think about it. Every day, sales are being driven by businesses and marketing firms with the help of TikTok.

So the question is, how can we make a TikTok video that is sixty seconds long and converts prospects into customers?

The process can be broken down into eight distinct steps.

Imagine for a moment that we are doing a condensed version of a webinar within the space of one minute.

In this scenario, we will go with an example of becoming an affiliate of a dropshipping course that teaches how to generate passive revenue by dropshipping physical things.

The course in question will teach students how to generate passive income by dropshipping the products.

So then, here’s the 8 steps for Video Marketing Success On TikTok.

video marketing on TikTok

Step 1 – The Movement

To begin, we want to do something that is captivating, something that compels people to pause and watch what we are doing.

The most effective approach for this is to make use of any form of movement that draws the viewer’s attention.

One possibility is that you could circle around while wearing your backpack. (Perhaps you want to sell this backpack as an example.)

People who use TikTok are accustomed to skimming and passing over content quickly.

Therefore, movement can be helpful in order to capture their attention.

Step 2 – The Hook

This is the part of the argument in which you make your bold claim.

Keeping in mind the example of the backpack for a moment more, let’s say you make the bold assertion that the backpack has the potential to earn you $100,000 this year.

And perhaps you get near to the camera and say, “really, it’s closer to half a million dollars.”

This is a hook that will cause people to pause and think, “Wait, what?”

How is it possible for a backpack to achieve that?

As a result, it piques their interest and makes them want to continue watching and learning more.

Step 3 – Presenting the Evidence

In this third stage, you begin to hit them with strong proof to back up your assertion, which is intended to convince them that you are right.

Providing screenshots of actual sales statistics is the most effective method for achieving this goal.

These conclusions do not even have to be based on your own figures; they can be the results of other individuals.

In this particular illustration, you can demonstrate both the rate at which the backpack has been selling on a daily basis and the price at which it is being sold.

They will have access to substantial proof thanks to this, which will begin to convince them in their mind that the method in question is indeed effective.

Stage 4 – The Secret

At this point, you should have your prospects hooked with the audacious assertion you made earlier and backed up with evidence. You are about to hit them with the hidden ingredient.

Because you are in the process of promoting the dropshipping course, you may say something like, “Well, this person who is doing so well selling backpacks is a member of this dropshipping course.”

Therefore, all of a sudden, you have just made your potential customers understand that the successful person possesses something that they do not.

The question now is, how do they participate in that themselves?

Step 5 – Address Objections

In  this step, you demolish a number of the most typical objections that individuals may make.

You should try to answer the concerns that people have the most, such as “do I need to buy any inventory?”, “do I need to start building a website?”, “do I need to be on social media?”

As a result, swiftly respond to some of the concerns that individuals have raised, and then proceed to answer all of the concerns.

Step 6 – Make an Irresistible Offer

Tell them something about the offer that will make it impossible for them to refuse it.

The irresistibility of the offer is obviously dependent on which of the many options you choose to highlight in the promotion.

For the purpose of this illustration, let’s say that the dropshipping course offers “done for you” products that a person can instantly start selling as well as step-by-step teaching to guarantee success.

Step 7 – Scarcity

After that, you introduce a situation of shortage and target their fear of missing out (FOMO) psychology.

The most typical approach is to emphasize the limited amount of time left to take advantage of the offer by stating that it will expire at a specific date and time in the near future.

Therefore, they will feel a sense of urgency to take action.

Step 8 – Reverse Risk

Last but not least, you turn the tables on the risk for them by pointing out all of the things that are not required of them.

For example, there is no requirement to purchase any inventory, and you can reassure them that there are no upsells (assuming that this is the case), and you can explain the 30-day money-back guarantee (again, if true).

Take Away

As you can see, by the end of the 8 steps, your prospects went from having never ever heard of the dropshipping course to now absolutely desiring it and understanding they cannot miss out on this rare chance. This transformation took place all of a sudden, and it occurred in only sixty seconds.

This is incredibly convincing, and the fact that the video is only a few minutes long means that they will most likely want to view it more than once.

This course on vertical video profits will teach you more information about these 8 steps, and it will also provide you with a real video demonstration of these 8 steps being put into practice.