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9 Reasons Why You Should Work In Marketing

Marketing is a field that just keeps on keeping on. It ebbs and flows in terms of what employers expect of the team, and what the wider populace thinks is the main part of your job, but the consistent aspect is that marketing enables businesses to thrive.

reasons to work in marketing

The way you connect your business with current customers and future leads is arguably as important or more so to the business as the product or service itself.

So why should you work in marketing? We’ve got 9 good reasons for you below:

#1 You don’t need a marketing degree

In a world where you’re pressed for time and money, it might be nice to know you can enter a career without spending years, and thousands of pounds, on university and a marketing degree. That’s not to say that there aren’t marketing degrees our there, or that they’re not worthwhile, but you don’t need a marketing degree to get a job. And that’s worth celebrating.

#2 There are no limitations

The sky is seriously the limit with the marketing industry. You can do it for anyone, from anywhere, and the chances of turning your experience into a self-employed consultancy is clear from the number of people that already do it! There is a niche for everyone, and if you find what it is that makes you particularly great at a special marketing skill, you can use that to full advantage. There are no limitations to what you can achieve with a job in marketing.

#3 You’ll gain confidence in your own ideas

Something that a lot of people – particularly young people joining the workforce – struggle with is backing themselves in when they have an idea. The good thing about working in marketing is that your very job necessitates the construction and development of ideas, and the delivery of them once approved. Sure, you’ll make some mistakes, but you learn more by dropping a hammer on your foot than by hitting the nail by chance.

#4 You’ll learn tact

In a world of online communications, something that is sorely missing in modern society is tact: that ability to measure your response and communicate with a wide variety of people in a way that achieves the best outcome for everyone. A measured response is something you’ll become very adept at in the marketing field. This is something that will help you in every aspect of your life – be it work, social or personal.

#5 It’s social, exciting and fun

Speaking of social, one of the best aspects of working in Marketing is the potential for an extremely active social life within your work. Marketing is renowned for attracting extroverts that love meeting new people, so if getting along with your colleagues and meeting loads of new friends in the field is your sort of thing, Marketing is probably for you.

#6 You can be creative

In many roles in the workforce, something that bothers people is a lack of creative room. There jobs are so tightly ordered that they can never express themselves. You’ll never need to fear this in marketing, because the daily demands of this field necessitate outside-the-box thinking and decision making, and the further you go in your career, the more of these decisions you’ll be relied on to make.

#7 You can take skills across any industry

As we said, there are no limitations. These digital skills are similar whether you’re working for a high-flying finance firm or for Jeff’s Lawn Mowers on the high street. What’s great about that is that even if you’re feeling bored in one job, you can move into another in the same field, but that will be completely different.

#8 Fantastic career prospects

And that means: fantastic career prospects. You can’t really hit a bad period. Every business in every industry needs marketing of some form or the other, so regardless of where your career takes you, you can be sure that every step along the way is one that enables a future step to take place.

#9 A good chance of great pay

And we’d be silly not to mention pay, right? After all, job satisfaction is critical but so too is having enough money to pay the bills. Average marketing wages are above the national wage average for most of the country, with senior marketing executives capable of earning more money than you can count. If that’s not a great reason to enter the field, we don’t know what is!

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