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Amazing Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

Social media is a crucial tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their reach, build authority and grow their customer or client base. No matter what services or products you provide, or who you provide them to, social media is something you need to be involved in.

ways to make Instagram photos stand out

While all different social media platforms can be helpful for businesses, few are as important as Instagram. It is home to well over a billion users and is one of the most visual platforms that people spend a ton of time on.

Unfortunately, by now everyone knows the value of social media for businesses. As a result, it is challenging to stand out above your peers. However, it’s not impossible. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a couple of amazing ways to help your Instagram photos and content stand out over your competition.

Use the Right Hashtags

The first thing to keep in mind is hashtags. They are a great way to categorize and sort posts on Instagram. Hashtags can be searched and clicked on, to allow people to check out more relevant content. Not only do they help you reach out to your target, but they make it much easier for people to find your content.

No matter what industry you are in, there are hashtags that your potential customers or clients may check out or respond well to. For example, check out these 200+ beauty hashtags for Instagram that can help expand your reach. Some hashtags might be short and general, while others may be more specific in nature. It is a good idea to use both.

In addition to hashtags, you also want to pay attention to the rest of your caption. These can hook your audience, add additional context to photos, tell a story or even provide a call to action to your B2B customers.

Feature People as Much as Possible

While all different kinds of photos can do well on Instagram, photos of people tend to often do quite well. People respond well to human faces and if you feature them in some of your photos, it can have great results. This could be you featuring some of your team, or even just pictures of individuals using and enjoying your product or service. Lots of companies or services only post general photos, photos or products or stock photos. If you can add a little personalization by highlighting real people, it can go a long way.

While landscape photos, product photos, and infographics are great, people love people, and will often like or interact with photos of your face more than one showing something else. Of course, you still want to make sure the content aligns with your brand or company, as staying on brand is a great way to help your content perform better.

Do More Than Entertain With Your Content

When most people post content to Instagram, it is done to entertain people. While this is fine, a great way to stand out is to do something different. If you can provide additional kinds of value with your posts, it can certainly separate you from the pack. You could educate your followers, tell a story, appeal to their emotions or help them with their problems.

A great example of this is using the “10 slide” feature of Instagram like a mini blog post. Each slide can be a different tip, or step in a how-to process to provide a lot of value and benefits to viewers. The exact type of content will depend on your industry, your clients and what your business does or provides.

You can also ask your followers and/or clients what they would like to see from your Instagram page, as well.

Use the Right Photography Techniques

photography techniques

Of course, the actual photos you are posting is a critical part of making your Instagram account stand out. In particular, you want to use the right techniques to take good Instagram photos. This includes getting the lighting right, using rules like the rule of thirds, and experimenting with different angles.

If the photos you take aren’t very good and simply don’t offer a lot of visual appeal, it should come as no surprise that they don’t stand out. It can take more time, effort and energy, but it is worth it to build up your Instagram account.

Standing out on Instagram as a business isn’t always easy, but by following the aforementioned tips and advice, you can give yourself a great chance.

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