Ellen Mae

Ellen Mae is the in-house content writer at Digital Marketing Jobs
HVAC business

Effective Ways To Improve Your HVAC Business’ SEO Today

Here are some simple yet effective ways to promote your HVAC business with the use of search engine optimization.
team learning new skills

How To Help Your Team To Develop Their Skills On The Job

So, you’ve got the right employees for the job, now what?
digital marketing has changed the world

5 Ways Digital Marketing Has Changed The World Of Business

There was a time when physical stores used to be the only way for accessing any type of brand and product. Those days are long gone now. 
outsourcing marketing agency

Starting A New Business: The Main Outsourced Services You Need To Consider

Are you starting your own business? If so, outsourcing is a great option to help you to achieve the targets and goals you have planned for your business to reach.
marketing campaign agency

How To Give Your Marketing Campaigns More Character

These tips should help you to improve your marketing campaigns
digital marketing careers

5 Digital Marketing Careers That Will Grow in the Next Decade

Digital marketing jobs that’ll find the most success in the coming years.
marketing job titles

A Rundown of the Many Marketing Job Titles

The workforce is changing and with that comes strategising creative ways to attract the perfect candidate. Try these marketing job titles!
what to do after graduation

What to Do After Graduation: Ideas for Those Not ‘Real World’ Ready

The gap year has been a British tradition for centuries, and it’s becoming increasingly common around the globe. From better test scores to improved personal clarity, it's no surprise this practice is winning the hearts of students and faculty. If you jumped from high school to a four-year university, it's not too late to enjoy a gap year of your own.
email marketing

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

As a Digital Marketer, one of the key weapons in your online arsenal is the EDM.
online crowdfunding marketing

How to Market an Online Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding can raise the funds you need to make dreams and hopes come true