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The 7 Best London Networking Events to Supercharge Your Career

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur there’s nothing more valuable to you than your support network. Other than your own expertise, a support network plays a huge role in the drive behind your success.

london networking events

Whether it’s for financing, advice, tips of the trade, lessons, or industry connections, a support network acts as your safety net.

Taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship is daunting at first, but this is where networking events come in to change to the game. Here are some of the top London networking events to help you kick off your entrepreneurial career…

London Networking Events For Budding Entrepreneurs

You’ve probably heard the expression: ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. When it comes to finding success as an entrepreneur this could not be more relevant.

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have found success through networking and exposure to endless possibilities. As well as plenty of hard work.

By attending these events, this can lead to new business, sales, investment, and invaluable business knowledge.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur based in the Big Smoke, here are some of the top networking events to pencil into your schedule:

1. Entrepreneurs in London

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and relevant networking events in London. It attracts a large, diverse crowd of like-minded people.

It’s the largest meet-up for entrepreneurs in London and consists of over 22,000 members. This is a brilliant networking event as it really offers something for everyone.

Find value in the many workshops, speaker seminars, and networking events that are organised twice a month. Other than showing face at the events, you can join also connect with Entrepreneurs in London via their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

2. London Entrepreneurs Network

London Entrepreneurs Network is another invaluable networking tool that connects many high-potential start-ups. If you’re looking for visibility as a start-up or entrepreneur, this is one of the best networks to be part of.

Essentially, London Entrepreneurs Network caters to people who are still in the beginning stages of a business i.e. the ideation stage. It also caters to entrepreneurs looking to grow or finance their ideas or businesses.

Some of the events hosted include training and mentorship programs, social networking events, and large-scale business shows. If you’re lucky enough, you could also be selected as one of 10 entrepreneurs to give an elevator pitch to the crowd before each event. This is an excellent way to build business connections.

Connect with London Entrepreneurs Network via their Linkedin and Facebook accounts.

3. London Enterprise Technology

Catered to early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs, this is a great way to get your foot in the door when working with enterprises.

The event aims to provide valuable resources to entrepreneurs as well as useful skills on how to work with chosen enterprises.

Once or twice every three months, they host a panel discussion with investors, experts, and entrepreneurs. You can also submit a request to present your start-up and ideas at this event.

Aside from the networking event, connect with them via their website or follow them on Twitter.

4. Yena

If you’re looking global exposure, Yena is a fantastic place to start. It’s comprised of a global community of young entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups looking to connect.

To access the network you’ll have to become a member, but the fee is minimal at just £9 per month. This gives you access to like-minded, business-oriented people and a library of data, materials, and tools to grow your business.

You also get a free website domain and up to five email addresses as part of the sign-up!

Yena also hosts a plethora of networking events across the globe, a few times a month. However, they have a strong focus on U.K. based entrepreneurship.

5. Women Who Code

If you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur based in the field of technology, Women Who Code is your go-to.

It’s well-known as one of the largest communities of female engineers in the world and is an NGO dedicated to helping women excel in their careers.

In London, Women Who Code hosts a number of educational and social events for those just starting out in the industry.

Join in on their networking events and get access to speaker series, tech experts, investors, study groups, and hackathons! You can also access career leadership and development events on the regular.

Alternatively, connect with Women Who Code via their website or on Twitter.

6. Startup GRIND

Sure, hands-on experience is unrivaled when it comes to entrepreneurship. But if you don’t have access to this just yet, learning from experts who’ve ‘been there, done that’ is the next-best-thing.

This the epitome of what Startup GRIND stands for. It’s a network that teaches start-ups and entrepreneurs through hands-on, industry experience.

It’s a global startup community, empowered by none other than Google for Entrepreneurs. They often host fireside chats with leading startup CEOs, investors, and innovators relevant to your field.

Startup GRIND also hosts annual conferences and mixers. They’re aimed at connecting and inspiring young entrepreneurs with the network they need.

Connect with Startup GRIND on Twitter and Facebook, too.

7. Tech City Coffee

If you’re looking for financing as a young entrepreneur or start-up, Tech City Coffee is one of the best places for exposure.

Basically, their mission is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge they need. And this equips them with skills to navigate the investment climate in London.

They often host events such as pitch deck workshops, networking events with investors, as well as educational talks with seasoned experts.

Find Helpful Career Advice with

Aside from the invaluable lessons, you could learn at these London networking events, Just London Jobs is here to build your career with you.

If you’re looking to register your CV, find helpful career advice, or search for the ideal company to work with, allow us to help you along the way.

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