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4 Simple Ways to Boost Leads for Your B2B Business

One of the biggest challenges for people in the B2B sector is generating a steady flow of leads.

leads for your b2b business

If you are in a proven niche and it isn’t saturated yet, there is no reason for you to struggle with them, however. If you’re having issues with leads, it’s probably because you don’t have a good strategy or aren’t executing it properly. You may also be overlooking techniques because you assume they don’t work or aren’t worth your time. But, if you can’t get enough leads, you need to use all the tools and avenues possible and give maximum effort. Below we look at a few simple ways to boost leads for your B2B business.

Become a Valuable Resource

Instead of trying to advertise to your niche aggressively, you should take the back door approach and use inbound marketing instead. Inbound marketing is when you reel your prospects in by being a genuine resource instead of going after them. If you don’t have a blog that is filled with highly informative information tailor-made for your niche, you need to start building one right away. This could be your single most powerful tool to attract leads. This will allow you to build authority in your niche and showcase your expertise as well.

You could also start a resource that is independent of your brand centred around your audience’s core interests. A properly optimised site could allow you to attract tonnes of organic traffic from search engines, which is the best type of traffic if your goal is to get leads. You need to have a consistent guest posting strategy as well. Getting visibility on other blogs will give you access to a new audience, boost brand awareness and authority, and boost your SEO.

The easiest way to get featured on blogs is to participate in the comments and try to engage the owner. Once you’ve established a rapport with them, you can approach them and ask if they would be willing to have you as a blog poster. From then on, you could become a regular on multiple blogs and quickly start building a name in the industry.

Answer People’s Questions

Another great way to build authority in a niche is to get active in the community and answer people’s questions. LinkedIn has a question feature that allows people to do just that, but you could also start answering questions on sites like Quora. More business owners than you think visit Quora for answers and giving the right response to the right person could be enough for you to make a client for life. Not only that, but your response will be seen by other people who may have had the same question, which will get you leads on the backend without having to put in additional effort.

Use PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is a very powerful tool that you could use to get leads for your B2B business. But you have to make sure that your niche isn’t too competitive. If there’s competition, you’ll need to figure out how much you can afford to pay per acquisition and have clear tabs on your conversion rates. This will be the only way to know if your campaigns are profitable.

Give a Free Report/Course

Another thing you should do is create a free report or course and have a good email capture page set up for them. You could then market this course heavily through YouTube or Facebook ads. You’ll be able to hook people with your free course or report, and then maintain a relationship with them through email. Your email list could be one of your most powerful tools as a B2B business, so use it wisely. The worst thing you could do is use your list strictly to pump your products and services. Only a tiny fraction of your emails should be about selling something.

Instead, you should focus on giving your subscribers information they’ll be able to use. You can still try to direct them to your other pieces of online real estate whenever you can, but you have to always stay in the spirit of giving and not selling.

If you’re looking for other free or low-cost marketing methods that you try, we suggest you check out these B2B marketing ideas. Elevate Digital’s suggested strategies include a good mix of free and paid techniques that could help you to generate more leads. Whether you want to use omnichannel marketing or create highly efficient lead magnets, they explain the benefits of each method and how you can implement them.

As you can see, there are multiple things that you could do right now to increase your leads. If you use different techniques and stay consistent in your efforts, you’ll eventually see results.

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