Creative Artworker Job Description

Check out our creative artworker job description to learn what is an artworke


Ellen Mae
creative artworker job description
creative artworker job description

A creative artworker is just one of the people who work to create finished design content for brands and companies. The job is art-based, however it also requires methodical skills to achieve success.

The position is relatively unheard of to those outside of the design world, so you might now be asking yourself “What is an artworker”?

Below is a comprehensive guide to artworkers and the position they fill.

What Is an Artworker: Summarised

When asking “What is an artworker”, you have to understand that the role fulfils a variety of responsibilities. Overall, though, the artworker acts as a middleman between the creatives and the client.

An artworker often takes finished pieces from corresponding graphic designers and illustrators and fit them into a finished product. An artworker will rework designs if necessary, customise typography, alter colours, resize documents and more. Ultimately, they polish work from the creative team and incorporate it into projects and content.

An artworker works under deadlines and has to be involved with the creative process of a project from start to finish. They also collaborate with internal or external print studios to execute finished designs. Having hands-on experience is helpful for artworkers who want to create a mock design to use as a base.

Required Skills

An artworker should have a solid background in art-related foundations. This can range from photography to graphic design to everything in between. Having a thorough portfolio to show off your previous work is key.

Artworkers have to be skilled in using editing programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Often you’ll be reworking designs on a computer, so having a good grasp on technology and digital art is necessary.

An artworker must have an attention to detail, as they act somewhat as an editor for the rest of the design team. They make the final calls, so an artworker should be confident in their abilities and decisive.

As creative artworkers will often create content for various platforms, a basic knowledge of digital marketing and social media is helpful. They’re often creating content that will be used for advertising or promotional events, so understanding the ins and outs of marketing is very useful.

Artworkers require good communication skills, as they are often exchanging ideas and critique with the rest of the design team. Furthermore, they need to be able to smoothly address client concerns and understand their vision.

Estimated Salary

An artworker’s salary ranges between £25,000 and £40,000 per year. The range of pay between artworker salaries is relatively small. This suggests that there aren’t many opportunities for advancement within the specific position once you hit a Senior level.

A Unique Position

Answering the question “What is an artworker” is complex because the duties of an artworker can differ from company to company. However, they all work to create content and polish designs from start to finish. It’s the perfect job for people who enjoy working with a team and flexing their creative muscles.

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