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Marketing Job Descriptions

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description : Download Our Template

Read our digital marketing manager job description when you are seeking to hire or posting to a job board; download our template and customise to suit your company and the position

digital marketing manager job description

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

The digital marketing manager’s job involves overseeing the overall digital marketing strategy, developing, implementing, tracking, and optimising digital marketing campaigns to ensure digital growth.

The digital marketing manager should have unmatched knowledge of the current marketing tools. If you can initiate digital campaigns and run with them from conception up to the execution, you’re probably the ideal candidate for our digital marketing manager job.

The digital marketing manager will work with marketing team and our digital marketing agency.

The collaboration ensures prompt campaign launches. It also allows the entire team to work with the allocated digital marketing budget.

Job Responsibilities

The digital marketing manager has several job responsibilities to execute. Some of these roles include:

  • Develop and scrutinise all the campaign budgets
  • Design and manage the entire digital marketing department. This role is inclusive of display advertising, email marketing, the company website and marketing databases
  • Plan and control the company’s social media channels and company website
  • Grow the website traffic and enable digital growth
  • Work with our content marketing specialist on content creation and distribution
  • Monitor the primary marketing metrics to establish the effectiveness of online advertising
  • Report on the performance of digital marketing activities and compare the results against key performance indicators and ROI
  • Review the brand message regularly to ascertain its consistency
  • Develop a workable digital marketing strategy
  • Collaborates with other supporting teams to create impressive client-centred landing pages
  • Recruitment, selection, and training of marketing operations employees in the digital marketing department
  • Provides educational opportunities, relevant information, and growth opportunities for digital marketing staff
  • Analysis of end-to-end consumer experience in different digital channels.
  • Identify the latest digital technologies and current digital trends affecting the industry
  • Prepare and execute conversion tests


Globally, businesses are projected to spend $1.3 trillion on digital marketing in 2020.

True to it, companies invest in digital marketing, hoping for a favourable ROI. For that reason, businesses have set the minimum requirements for a digital marketing manager.

The digital marketing manager job requires you to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Besides the educational requirements, other qualifications include:

  • At least two years working experience in digital marketing roles
  • Experience in executing successful social media campaigns
  • Exhibit practical experience in keyword research, SEO management, email, and marketing database
  • Undisputable knowledge of marketing and web analytics tools such as Google Ads, SEMRush and Google Analytics
  • User experience knowledge and optimisation of customer experience funnels and landing pages
  • Practical skills in multivariate experiments and A/B and email marketing
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript development, CSS, and HTML
  • Updated on new technologies and the latest trends in digital marketing
  • In-depth insights on all social media platforms

Qualities of a Successful Digital Marketing Manager

Successful digital marketing managers have several notable qualities. These attributes complement the digital marketing manager job description. Some of the qualities include:

1. Creativity

Digital marketing campaigns thrive on creativity. Digital marketing managers need to be creative in developing unique ideas. They should also pioneer brainstorming sessions to reach a solution.

Creative digital marketing managers are a resource in a business. They enable a company to grow and make profits amidst the competition. If a digital marketer isn’t creative, transforming leads into sales would be impossible.

2. Adaptability and Flexibility

Digital marketing is ever-changing, so should a digital marketing manager. One should have a willingness to adapt and change. There are often new practices and trends that you ought to embrace.

You will also need to keep updating your knowledge base and skill set. Keep updated on the best practices in the industry so that you’ll know when it is time to advance. In fact, the digital marketing job description is concise on the manager’s knowledge of industry trends.

3. Analytical

A successful digital marketing manager has a keen interest in data. Digital marketing is all about analysing metrics and data. A marketer needs to know the number of prospects. Conversion rates and are other vital metrics necessitating analysis,

Being analytical enables a marketing manager to understand crucial insights about customers’ behaviour. With such understanding, it is possible to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

4. Passionate Learning

The passion for learning is one of the qualities differentiating digital marketing managers. In digital marketing, constant learning is a prerequisite. The field is ever-evolving, and being on top of the game requires you to keep learning.

You need to be up to date on best practices, technologies, and all relevant information. Learning doesn’t mean that you have to undertake a course. Networking and attending conferences increase your knowledge about the trends in the industry.

5. Communication Skills

In 2019, about 87% of adults in the UK used the internet daily. Online communication has gained precedence in recent years. Successful digital marketers have the right communication skills. These skills help them engage with potential clients on different digital sites.

Digital marketing involves building relationships, trust, and disseminating the right information. A marketing manager needs to have communication skills. The skills help to accomplish the goals of digital marketing.

The message you convey to your target market should be concise and clear enough. Communications skills enable you to give a message that resonates with the audience.

How to use the Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Template

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