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Digital Marketing Salary: The Highest and Lowest in the UK

Digital marketing jobs are in high demand at the moment, with growing numbers of businesses recognising the potential of innovative digital marketing strategies. Those with the skills and know-how to develop such strategies are sought-after throughout the UK, with roles opening up at all levels

digital marketing salary uk

The salaries of digital marketing professionals are of course hugely dependent on experience, and salary brackets for specific roles reflect this. However, salaries are also heavily influenced by the location of digital marketing roles.

We’ve compiled extensive research on the average digital marketing salary in the UK, to bring you the latest on the top paying, and the lowest paying areas for digital marketing professionals. Here’s what you need to know.

Head of Digital Marketing

This is the top job in most digital marketing departments – and salaries definitely reflect the responsibility that comes with such a position. The Head of Digital Marketing leads the digital team and is accountable for all of its activities.

The Head of Digital Marketing role encompasses PPC, SEO, email campaigns, social media management and analytics. The appointed person is also expected to keep a keen eye on the ROI of all marketing activities, reporting directly to Global Marketing Directors, shareholders and business leaders.

Salaries for this role vary considerably depending on the experience of the professional in question and the size of the company. The UK average is £67,423, rising to over £90,000 for more experienced marketers.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary

The responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager are not dissimilar from those of the Head of Digital Marketing, however, Digital Marketing Managers aren’t quite as senior. Large digital teams might include several Marketing Managers, working on specific areas of the business.

Digital Marketing Managers need to be informed on emerging trends and ensure that the business stays one step ahead of the competition. They will often be experienced in managing social media accounts, and tend to assist in art directing when planning digital campaigns.

Digital Marketing Manager salaries fluctuate throughout the UK. The UK average is £38,814, but this can rise to £59,540 for managers with many years of experience. For this role, the top paying area is London, where Digital Marketing Managers can expect to make £45,528 Sheffield salaries are the lowest, at £28,666 on average.

Download the Digital Marketing Manager Job Description.

Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary

There are plenty of roles to be filled in digital marketing teams, and the opportunities for learning are endless. Digital Marketing Coordinators fulfil many of the more junior responsibilities in the team, from developing marketing materials and sourcing imagery to working with designers on artwork. They also support other team members, particularly during intense periods such as the launch of a new campaign.

Digital Marketing Coordinators earn an average of £24,875 in the UK. Senior Marketing Coordinators can take home up to £32,281, so there’s great potential to progress in this career path.

For Digital Marketing Coordinators, top-paying regions include Birmingham, where the average salary is £27,066 and London where it’s £29,117. In Nottingham, the average salary of a Digital Marketing Coordinator is the lowest, at £23,400.

Digital Marketing Executive Salary

Digital Marketing Executives play an integral role in any great digital team, monitoring social campaigns, launching online advertisements and assisting in strategy development. They also focus on analysing campaign data, reporting to the Digital Marketing Manager.

In the UK, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Executive is £26,021. However, executives with more experience can make up to £32,000. In London, Digital Marketing Executives earn an average of £29,193. Lower salaries have been reported in the West Midlands, where executives take home £25,448 on average.

Digital Marketing Intern Salary

Many highly successful careers in digital marketing begin as internships. A great internship provides valuable experience, which can be massively helpful as new marketing professionals begin to work on their skill set and complete the training they’ll need to take the next step on their career paths.

Interns are often expected to assist in day-to-day administrative duties to support the marketing team, from managing emails and diaries to planning meetings and conference calls. Interns will also be trained in analytics, enabling them to compile reports on campaign activity to be shared with the entire team. Interns might also be expected to work on reports for clients, and will often shadow one or several members of the team to enhance their learning experience.

Whilst internship salaries are invariably quite low, the role should be seen as an educational one predominantly. Internships should be relatively short, and will often provide opportunities to move on to a full-time role such as a Digital Marketing Assistant upon completion. In the UK, Digital Marketing Interns earn between £17,000 – £20,000 on average.


Digital Marketing Salary in the UK

Digital marketing is a varied, flexible industry which provides a vast array of different opportunities for tech-savvy, creative marketing professionals. Careers in Digital Marketing can provide considerable salaries, with many knowledgeable digital marketing experts taking home a salary of over £45,000.

The range of digital marketing roles on offer means that this is an accessible industry, with plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic newcomers to take on junior roles and learn on the job.

The salaries of Digital Marketing professionals vary significantly as we move through the UK. Top paying jobs are most often found in our biggest cities, such as London and Manchester. Here experienced digital marketing professionals can expect to take home salaries that are above the national average. Lower paying regions include Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield, where salaries tend to be slightly lower than average.


The salary information in this article was provided by Check-a-Salary. Find more information about digital marketing salaries here

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