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Digital Marketing Salary: How Much Do Digital Marketers Earn?

What if you end up making far less money than you are worth?

digital marketing salary

If you’re a digital marketer or training to be one, that is a distinct possibility. That’s because if you don’t know what a digital marketing salary should look like, you have no way of knowing if you’re getting a fair deal or getting underpaid.

That’s where we come in. We put together this guide to help you discover what the salaries are for different marketing positions and what the future holds for this exciting field.

Why Is It Hard To Know the Average Digital Marketing Salary?

Our guide has one primary focus: to help you discover the average digital marketing salary. But first, it’s worth answering a simple question: why is this question so difficult to answer?

For one thing, your location matters. How much digital marketing jobs pay will be very different in, say, Seattle than in the American Southeast. For that matter, there may be serious salary differences between countries.

On top of that, “digital marketing specialist” can mean many different things. And your exact role as a digital marketer may dramatically affect the earnings potential.

With that in mind, our guide breaks down the average salary by different roles to give you a reasonable idea of how much that role should pay. Just be aware that you may get some very different offers from employer to employer, especially if they are located in very different regions.

Digital Trends: Some Good News

Of course, learning things like the average digital marketing specialist salary is only part of the equation. That’s because you shouldn’t just be concerned with the salary prospects in the here and now. You should also know whether the field is looking very healthy or very anemic in the next few years.

And here’s the good news: a recent Burning Glass Technology report claims that jobs requiring digital skills pay nearly 30% more than jobs that don’t. This is a signal that the field is healthy and will continue to pay nicely well into the future.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the field of digital marketing forever. That is because more and more companies switched to remote work even as more and more consumers chose to stay home and have products delivered. The means that the best way to reach modern consumers is through digital marketing because consumers increasingly work and relax in online environments.

While COVID is more under control now, it hasn’t changed the need for good digital marketers to help companies stand out in an otherwise crowded landscape of competition.

Know Your Role

Earlier, we mentioned how the salary you should expect will vary from role to role. So before we can answer the question of “how much do digital marketers make,” we need to define the primary roles that make up this field.

First up is the traditional digital marketing specialist. This person is typically a “Jack of all trades,” having knowledge of SEO, PPC, analytics, email marketing, and more. Occasionally, someone may be a specialist in a particular aspect of this (such as an SEO guru).

Next, there are content specialists. Digital marketing (not to mention the entire internet) runs on content, and these strategists figure out what content to develop, when to deploy it, and what analytics tell a company they should do with future campaigns. Such a person must usually manage the creative employees who will craft this content.

Another important digital marketing role is that of social media manager. Considering that billions of people interact with social media in one way or another, these managers must specialize in building online followings, engaging followers, and transforming the biggest fans into brand ambassadors that will help convert others.

One aspect of digital marketing that is often overlooked is e-commerce. All of the digital marketing in the world will be for nothing if consumers have a difficult time making online purchases. Because of this, e-commerce specialists are necessary to grow a brand, especially amid our recent e-commerce boom.

Finally, there are digital marketing analysts. While all of the above roles involve some aspect of studying and learning from analytics data, full-time analysts specialize in analyzing trends and predicting the future of various industries and markets. It’s fair to say that companies rely on these analysts to help them succeed over the competition.

The Average Digital Marketing Salary

Now, let’s get to the original question. Since the average digital marketing salary depends largely on your position, we’re going to review the average salaries for the roles we defined above.

The average digital marketing manager salary is $68,731 per year. Meanwhile, the average salary for a content manager is $60,872.

By contrast, social media managers earn an average salary of $52,789. And e-commerce manager earn an average salary of $65,182. Finally, a digital marketing analyst earns an average salary of $53,694.

Grow Your Skills When You Can

It can be a little confusing and intimidating to learn about all the different digital marketing roles and positions out there. But over the course of your career, you can use this to your advantage.

For example, social media manager is typically the lowest-paid digital marketing position, but it still involves studying analytics, creating campaigns, and engaging customers. If you’re willing to learn more about SEO on top of these skills, you can pivot your career to a more traditional digital marketing specialist job and earn a higher salary.

Of course, that’s assuming you’re already in a job and looking for a change. Otherwise, your best bet is to find the perfect new jobs to apply to.

Your Digital Future Begins Today

Now you know what to expect from a digital marketing salary. But do you know where to find the jobs that pay you what you’re worth?

Here at Digital Marketing Jobs, we specialize in helping you find a position where you can reach your full potential. To get started, come and browse available jobs today!

Based in the UK? Check out this salary guide

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