Essential Digital Marketing Skills You Need in 2022

One of the most challenging avenues of marketing is digital marketing. It’s an avenue that is continually evolving, and this evolution means that those who work in digital marketing are on a constant uphill climb to keep up with the necessary skills required.


Dave Relfe
essential skills digital marketing job
essential skills digital marketing job

It’s a challenging, creative and rewarding career path and not only will you be faced with opportunities that you never dreamed possible when you work in digital marketing, but the money’s also pretty great, too.

As with any area of work, you need a certain level of skill to be able to progress and find success within it. Experience on the job leads to higher salaries and a better future in the industry, but before you get to that point, you have to land your very first entry-level position. Pushing the professional boundaries comes with time, and until then, you need to know the essential skills to assist you with getting there. Once you understand the digital marketing skills that you need to have in your arsenal to be successful, you will be able to dominate the role you’re in and make something of yourself.

Let’s take a look at those essential digital marketing skills:

Analytics & Advertising

The wealth of data that is available at our fingertips makes a job in analytics a dream for those who love information. It’s the job of a digital marketer to collect and analyse the information presented and use it to decide what comes next in the company marketing strategy. Being able to do this leads to the creation of campaigns that pack a punch, and in this age of focus on brands and business that we live in, it’s an essential skill to have.

Understanding Google Analytics is a must if you want to secure yourself a role in entry-level data analysis. Learning how to use these platforms to make business decisions is key to the position, and this includes understanding the basics of pay-per-click advertising. PPC involves the use of Google Ads to create targeted search online, and learning about it is going to increase your chances of finding a job successfully.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Working in digital marketing means building your skills in SEO. One of the essential skills required in the digital marketer’s list lies within SEO, as this relates to the practice of expanding the online reach of a brand. It links very closely to PPC advertising, and without a good understanding of it, you could find yourself falling behind the curve instead of ahead of it.


One of the necessary digital marketing skills that you should ensure that you have is copywriting. Part of the job involves producing content that draws in the reader, engages them on the website and has them coming back for more. Copywriting doesn’t just refer to main blogs on a business website, but the website copy and informational eBooks. Business branding relies on strong copywriting skills for success, and if you have a good level of copywriting under your belt, you’re going to stand out from the other candidates for the job.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle, and it walks hand in hand with content marketing. If you want business to consider you for even an entry-level position, this is a skill that you need to have. The consumers of today expect engaging content, and they have come to expect it from brands. Digital marketing professionals need to be able to produce exciting content – it’s a must – and if you can show an employer that you understand the way people ingest their information, you’re more likely to be offered a job.

Emerging Trends

As technology changes, digital marketing skills will change, too. There is so much to learn, from new platforms and programs to new avenues that open up with each development. To be able to enjoy a career in the digital marketing field, an understanding of the way the industry begins to shift is essential. If you can recognise that there is a lot to learn, you can understand how to wade through the information and make it work for you. Emerging digital marketing trends are continually changing, but as long as you keep up with those trends, you can stay ahead of the digital marketing game.

Working in digital marketing means embracing a new branch of an industry that is evolving at a rapid rate. Being able to to embrace those skills and put them to use in this industry can help you to gain a role in a much-wanted field.