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What Digital Skills Are The Top Marketing Agencies Looking For?

There’s no doubt that working in digital marketing can be highly rewarding and lucrative. There is a big demand for skilled employees with the right digital skills and the potential to find marketing jobs anywhere in the world.

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If you’re looking to get some response out of the top marketing agencies, however, you’re going to require a mix of hard and soft digital skills to get noticed.

Being successful is not just about creativity. You need to have sound digital marketing experience and qualifications as well as the ability to handle at least three or four different balls in the air at one time.

Here’s our quick rundown of digital skills and qualifications that are going to make you a standout candidate for the top people at the moment to help you find your next digital job:

1. How to Solve a Problem

Every job has it’s problems but none are as fluid and dynamic as in the area of marketing. You need to be able to grab customer attention and get them to respond. All that takes both creativity and flair. Thinking out of the box may have become a bit of a cliché but it’s still important in industries like digital marketing.

If you’re good at problem-solving, you have a head start over the rest of the competition. Make sure you can identify areas in your career so far where this has been demonstrated and don’t shy away from blowing your own trumpet. The top agencies love a creative problem solver.

2. It’s About Teamwork

Most top agencies aren’t about one or two individuals. They’re about closely knit teams that know how to work well with each other. They celebrate each other’s successes and work hard together to overcome obstacles. To be effective, you need to understand where all the pieces fit in an organisation and that means learning beyond your own particular skill or qualification.

3. Motivated Learning

Gaining the skills and knowledge to be an effective digital marketer isn’t just about taking a few online digital marketing courses. If you’ve been in the industry any length of time, you’ll know how quickly things can change. The top agencies are looking for employees who are motivated at developing their own careers and, if you can demonstrate your commitment, all the better.

4. Campaigning On Social Media

It’s been pretty big for a while and there’s no sign of it letting up. Social media engagement is part of the lifeblood of many businesses nowadays. We’re not talking about the odd post here and there but having a complete understanding of how to leverage that social landscape and reach out to new and existing customers.

It’s something that many people profess to be good at. Very few are exceptional. If you are good and can demonstrate it, you’re way ahead of the game and a big draw for the top agencies.

5. Be Strong on Metrics

One other area where top agencies are crying out for top performers is analytics. It’s the backbone of all marketing campaigns and if you have a strong understanding of metrics you’ll be very popular indeed. That doesn’t mean you have to forego being creative. The big part of successful analytics is not about collating data and producing reports, it’s knowing how to interpret that information and how to leverage it the best.

If a business is looking for anything, it’s going to be a marketing professional who is able to assess and implement strategies based on the data. While one person can look a list of numbers or a graph and just see the basics, the experience digital marketer is able to identify hot spots and important areas of interest where changes can be made to improve sales and engagement.

6. Great Digital Marketing Managers

Bringing all the diverse aspects of digital marketing together so that they deliver a powerful campaign is difficult. Great managers have a mix of skill, good communication and foresight that is in short supply across the industry.

Again, it’s more than just implementing the same tired old strategies. No one business is the same as another and being able to adapt and bring the marketing team together on a coherent strategy is vital. If you can demonstrate that you are able to motivate, engage and deliver with a team of talented individuals, you will be seen as a highly valuable asset when it comes to the top marketing agencies.

7. Be Great at Content Management

We’re not just talking about blog posts and the odd web landing page here. Content management covers all aspects of digital media include written, video, whitepapers and infographics. The story you tell in these mediums is vital in creating brand awareness, selling products and helping to grow a business. You need to understand instinctively how one bit of content is going to impact on another. You’ll also be focused on how to repurpose existing content and the power that can have.

If you are a digital marketer who is focused on multi-media, then you are an asset to any company because you can see the bigger picture and help bring it all together.

8. It’s Not All About Facebook…But…

Most top agencies understand the power of Facebook. With billions of active users, it’s the leading focus when it comes to pay per click campaign marketing. Any digital marketer who has a specialist skill in creating cutting edge campaigns on the platform is an asset. If you want to stand out, consider taking a closer look at Facebook Insights to start with and building your skills and knowledge in this area.

9. Creative Leadership

While there are plenty off-the-shelf solutions for businesses nowadays, the top agencies are always looking for designers and coders who know their stuff and have a proven track record. If you want to get into these areas, you need to make yourself proficient in software like Photoshop and have a deeper understanding of HTML and CSS. Above all, you need to have that creative flair which means you see more and can do more than the guy next door.

The Next Step

Whether you fit into some or even none of the above categories, the first place you need to start is building your own skills list. Take an objective look at what you are missing and pick the areas that really motivate you to start expanding on your abilities. Make this an ongoing process and you’ll find that you soon possess the digital skills and abilities that top marketing agencies are really looking for. Not only that, you’ll be way ahead of the other applicants for the big marketing job.

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