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Effortless SEO Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service

Are new customers the most important source of revenue for your business? Many small companies would say yes without even hesitating. However, they’re missing out on a much better source of income to boost the bottom line – repeat business.

seo strategies for customer service

The amount of effort it takes to create a new customer and convince them to buy is enormous. It also takes a long time to nurture that relationship. But what about folks you already have a relationship with? People who have already bought from you?

Those customers have already trusted you and have experience purchasing from your company. It’s far easier to get them to buy again than to create a new customer. However, to do so you need to create a great customer experience.

How can you do that? Can you incorporate SEO and boost your rankings at the same time? Here’s what you need to know.

Understand the Importance of User Experience

How do customers feel after making a purchase on your website and why customer reviews are important? Do they feel like they’ve survived the jungle or that they’ve had a pleasant experience they wouldn’t mind repeating?

The answer to this question has a huge impact on both your bottom line and your SEO. Google uses the user experience your website provides as a major ranking factor. The reason why is that the experience visitors have says a lot about the quality of your website and your content.

If visitors spend a good amount of time on your website, it shows they’re being engaged by the content there. If they visit multiple pages, they’re discovering more about your company. Google values that, and so should you.

By focusing on the importance of creating a great user experience, you’ll boost repeat business and build your SEO at the same time.

Use an FAQ to Answer the Most Common Customer Questions

People prefer to solve their own problems online – it’s simply more efficient. Take a look at your customer service requests and find out what the most common concerns are. Create an FAQ page that answers those questions on your website.

Combine that with keyword research to show what questions people are asking about your types of products and services. Combine industry-based research with information about what people enter in the search bar of your website. This will help you anticipate and answer concerns that may not be showing up in your help tickets yet.

These steps will not only empower your customers so they can answer their own questions, it will reduce the workload on your help desk. More complex customer questions will be able to get more attention, leading to better resolution. Even better, your answers may be featured in Google snippets at the very top of search results. It’s a win-win-win!

Improve Your Onboarding Experience

Once you have a new customer, they go through a process in order to receive your product or service. If you sell widgets, the onboarding process may be simple – you store their information, ship them the widget, and they’re all set. For an ongoing service, it may be more complex.

Either way, though, find ways to make the process more special and boost the relationship you have with your new customer. Even delivering a widget can be special, as Chewy demonstrates with their personalised thank you notes. These delightful surprises can really solidify someone as a repeat customer!

You can also provide Getting Started guides on your website, specific step-by-step demonstrations, and more. A lot of very high-quality content in this area will boost your user experience scores and can really impress Google.

Listen on Social Media

Social media is becoming a significant platform for customer service. People will share about an experience, good or bad, on Twitter or Facebook, and the on-point companies will jump online and respond.

Even if you only comment an apology and an offer to resolve the problem offline through email or by phone, it makes a big impression. Not only to that customer but those watching will see that you are engaged and truly care what your customers think.

As a bonus, social media mentions of your company can boost your overall profile and benefit your SEO.

Is social media listening and engagement a bit overwhelming with everything else you have to do? High-quality digital marketing services can make a big difference. Working with pros can take things off your plate and let you focus on your business!

Educate Customers About Your Products and Services

As you make sales, be sure you’re educating your customers about how your products and services work. This could be as simple as a how-to product video on a website or as complex as a full tutorial or online class to help them use your software.

Customers want to feel confident in using what they’ve paid for. If you can deliver that feeling while also letting them know that you have even more to offer, you’ll make customers for life!

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