Email Marketing Specialist Job Description

Are you a marketing expert who loves creating campaigns, explore a lucrative career as an email marketing specialist.


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email marketing specialist
email marketing specialist

Businesses know they must invest in digital marketing to reach their target audiences. They want and need digital experts who are fluent in inbound marketing.

Digital marketing includes any marketing done online. Jobs range from creative to business management.

Potential jobs include video production, search engine optimization, and analytics. Social media, advertising, and management are also part of the digital marketing industry.

Each job requires specific skillsets and abilities. The key to a successful career is to hone your area of expertise.

Do you enjoy content creation and collaboration? Consider a career as an email marketing specialist. But, there’s more to the job than writing an email.

Let’s take a closer look at the job highlights and requirements.

What is Email Marketing?

Email is a niche in digital marketing. Successful email marketers are copywriters and editors. They understand marketing strategy and best practices.

Beyond appealing messages, email marketers must make sure emails are CAN-SPAM compliant. They must optimise for mobile devices since 46% of people read email on their phones.

Other crucial aspects of email marketing include timing, frequency, list segmentation, and personalisation.

Email is one of the strongest modes of customer outreach. It’s used to generate leads, cultivate new and returning customers, plus keep a brand front of mind.

Email specialists collaborate with other digital marketing staff and managers on targeted campaigns.

Next, let’s look at the job description.

Email Specialist Job Description

This is a position for an expert email marketer who can develop and track campaigns. The specialist must grow the email lists, not buy them.

Work includes minimising list decay and unsubscribes to increase ROI on email campaigns. Expected to increase email success with higher open and clickthrough rates.

Job Responsibilities

The email marketing specialist collaborates with Strategy, Content, Design, and Development teams. Individual responsibilities include:

  • Support email campaigns by developing content marketing strategies, technical recommendations, and list management
  • Drive client strategy and campaign planning by analysing performance and KPIs
  • Install best practices for list management and deliverability
  • Analyse data and metrics for individual campaigns
  • Provide recommendations for new and existing campaigns including triggers, and automation
  • Build creative, messaging, and content for campaigns using email and automated marketing
  • Create A/B tests for campaign optimisation on many devices and platforms
  • Analyse client email list health and segmentation strategy
  • Segment audiences based on predefined attributes and demographic data
  • Measure results and optimise lead nurturing workflows
  • Assist and give recommendations on deliverability issues
  • Serve as the lead on accounts; delegate tasks to support staff as needed
  • Communicate with the account management team and clients
  • Provide solutions to email marketing questions and concerns
  • Learn other marketing tasks like lead generation, product management, social media, and analytics
  • Assist team with website edits, lead generation reports, and customer support

All marketing staff must stay current on industry trends and best practices.


The right candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications or business. Other qualifications are:

  • 3+ years of marketing experience including email-marketing, deliverability, testing, and automation
  • Knowledge of creative processes and social media marketing
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong HTML and CSS skills for responsive email design
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with high-level email deployment platforms
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and under deadline pressure
  • Manage many campaigns at once including different segmented messages
  • Data-driven thinking to analyse data through A/B testing and email optimisation
  • Ability to work alone or as part of a team

Now that you understand the position, do you need to improve any of your digital marketing skills?

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills

You can boost your current potential by upgrading your digital marketing skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the field or transforming your career. You can grow your skills without returning to school full-time.

Take advantage of online and e-learning courses. Focus on honing a specific skill used in digital marketing.

  • Build a Website
  • Learn CSS and HTML
  • Study Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Practice Content Development
  • Take an Online Digital Marketing Course
  • Study Pay Per Click, Display, and Social Advertising
  • Learn Everything You Can About Branding
  • Network with Professional Groups Online and In-Person
  • Subscribe to Blogs That Offer Free Resources

Each skill set you add to your portfolio can advance your digital marketing career.

Every business needs a presence on the internet to reach customers. That means there are opportunities for skilled digital marketers at every level.

Let’s discuss the characteristics that help digital marketers succeed.

Qualities of a Successful Digital Marketer

People who succeed in digital marketing careers are more than creative. A professional digital marketer must be reliable, flexible, analytical, and entrepreneurial.


A professional digital marketer must be reliable. The job is a series of goals that need focus and follow-through. If you enjoy setting and reaching goals consider a digital marketing career.


The marketing industry and digital processes evolve at a rapid rate. Working in digital marketing requires adapting to changing software, algorithms, and best practices. It’s a good fit for people who enjoy learning new things.

Analytical Thinking

Digital marketing involves working with data. You gather the data, then analyse it. Once you study consumer behaviour, you develop a strategy to reach your audience. Critical thinking and analysis help to deliver the results you or your client want.

Enjoy Helping Businesses

Marketing is about helping companies deliver a message to their target audience. The best marketers want their clients to be successful.

Learn New Skills

Digital marketing evolves at the speed of now. That means constant change for all digital marketing professionals.

The ability to learn new skills is both exciting and essential. Working in the marketing field means adapting strategies as methods and technology change.

The best marketers keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. They continue their education to keep their skill set strong.

Now you know the characteristics of a great digital marketer. Do you know what makes an email marketing campaign great?

How to Create a Great Email Marketing Campaign

The best email marketing campaigns reach their target audience. They reveal relevant information about a product or service.

A bad email campaign annoys or frustrates your audience. This happens most often when potential customers don’t know you or your product.

It’s wise to follow best practices and norms for email marketing. You should also consult local laws and culture before you launch a campaign.

Keep reading to learn about the correct way to perform email marketing in the United Kingdom.

Know the Law

Email campaigns must follow the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and the Data Protection Act. Check for other applicable laws and regulations in your area.

Rules for emailing individuals are stricter than a business to business communication. Make sure you know the difference.

Never Send Unsolicited Emails

Send an unsolicited email and you’ll annoy potential customers, plus break the law. The UK requires specific consent to send an email.

You cannot send emails to random people or build a list from another source. You must have legitimate leads.

Don’t Send Emails to Opt-Outs

If someone opts out or unsubscribes from your email you can’t continue to email them. Unsubscribing removes permission to send emails.

You can send an email to confirm removal from your list. Don’t ever contact the recipient again via email.

Reveal Your Identity

Email marketing campaigns in the UK must be honest. Tell the recipients your name and how to contact you.

Consumers are receptive to messages when they know the sender and reason for the email.

Create Your Lists

Build your email lists. This guarantees you can meet email regulations. When you buy a list you don’t know if people permit you to contact them.

Unsubscribe Option

Every single email you send should make it easy for people to opt-out or unsubscribe.

Most businesses put the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email they send. When someone opts out record the information and remove them from your list.

Don’t Send Junk Mail

When you email a potential client send something they want to read. Offer a valuable discount or important information. Never send junk mail.

The best emails contain relevant, useful information with real value to the recipient.

Match Your Emails to Your Audience

If you send emails to another region or country adjust it to your audience. Pay attention to local language and norms when communicating with people.

Every country is different. Something humorous in the UK may not be funny to an American. Take some time to customise each email for its specific audience.

An email marketing campaign is a stellar way to reach your customers. Make sure you follow the law and your customer’s expectations.

Become an Email Marketing Specialist

Now you know the skills you need as well as some great tips for producing a successful campaign.

Use this information to decide if a career as an email marketing specialist is a good fit for you. If not, visit our career advice page to learn about other digital marketing jobs.

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