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How Can I Get a Digital Marketing Job in the UK?

There’s a digital skills gap in the UK and it could get worse during the next year or so because of Brexit. That’s according to some experts, at least, and they say it could cost the UK more than £300 billion in lost revenue as well as leave around 3 million vacancies left unfilled by the end of the next decade.

digital marketing job in uk

While this is quite a worrying time for the digital industry, if marketing is a sector that you’d like to get into, there’s some pretty good news. There are plenty of vacancies in this sector and increased demand for quality candidates to fill those posts.

But are jobs in digital marketing hard to land? Especially if you’ve been working in another sector?

The truth is you could well have a number of useful transferrable skills that will work in this sector. With a little planning, research and a few additional qualifications, you could certainly get a job in digital marketing.

Here’s our quick guide:

Do Your Research

Digital marketing is a pretty broad (and rapidly growing) church and there are a wide range of disciplines. It includes everything from content marketing to social media management, video promotion and measuring performance, pay per click advertising and executive management.

If you want to get involved, it’s time to start reading up on things. The best way to do this is to look at online magazines. Some of the best include:

  • Campaign: This is one of the biggest online sources for news about the media, marketing and advertising industry.
  • Marketing Week: Similar to Campaign, this magazine also produces its own reports and has useful advice about the latest trends in marketing.
  • Marketing Donut: This is a great source for information for new businesses and those looking to delve a little deeper into all aspects of digital marketing.

And of course don’t forget to check out our Digital Marketing Career Advice

Get Digital Marketing Qualifications

Take a look at different job ads for the digital marketing industry and see what qualifications they are looking for. There are plenty of online courses available that can give you the important skills which will then improve your job prospects.

Taking something like a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will certainly give you a chance of getting your foot in the door.

Our advice is not to wait till you’ve finished the course before you start applying. If you have enough transferrable skills and the right attitude, many digital marketing departments will be prepared to consider you, particularly smaller ones.

personal branding

Start Branding Yourself Now

You can’t really sell yourself as a digital marketing professional if you don’t have an online presence. You need to do a fair bit of self-branding. That’s because any potential employer is bound to check the internet to see what shows up about you.

  • You should have social media accounts with interesting timelines that are focused on digital marketing. We suggest that, if you have existing accounts, you should also trawl through them and remove anything that is potentially damaging.
  • Create a blog where you can produce content about digital marketing and use it to enhance your reputation. Try to be interesting and informative and don’t forget opinion pieces on specific aspects of the sector.
  • LinkedIn is another area where you can boost your online credentials. It can also be used to post blogs, especially if you don’t have your own site. Work closely on your bio and other content and make sure it is optimised for keywords in the digital marketing sector. LinkedIn can also be used for networking and reaching out to companies who may be interested in your particular skills set.
  • It’s not just your own platforms and timelines that you should be working on either. Reaching out to magazines and outlets to guest post on them can further enhance your credibility. Many are constantly looking out for informative articles to fill their content needs.

Branding can be a time consuming process but is a necessary part of landing that next, great job. You need to have all avenues thought out and begin to use your online world with a little more savvy and expertise. Let’s face it, if you can’t market yourself, how can you expect to market someone else.

Be Practical

It’s not just finding ways to promote yourself online that will work for you. Finding every opportunity to get involved with digital marketing can make a big difference to your career prospects and show how committed you are.

There’s a lot you can do. If you have decent writing skills you can set yourself up as a freelancer and start to build some great reviews online that you can then put on your next resume. You might want to contact local businesses or charities that may want some advertising copy written on the cheap.

Getting practical experience in a digital marketing environment may well be the biggest challenge that you face. There are many small marketing companies nowadays that are crying out for committed and reasonably talented individuals. They will also have a broader sweep of opportunities than other, bigger companies. A small agency may want someone who is a good writer for advertising copy but want someone who can double as a social media ‘expert’ too. They are also more likely to give you a chance.

Persistence is Key

One important factor in getting a job in digital marketing is persistence. You have to keep going and try new things if you are going to finally work yourself into your dream job.

This is a sector that is more open to trying something different than many others you might come across while job hunting. Don’t be frightened of taking a chance and, if you want to work for a particular company, keep on at them to show how much you like them.

Find the Right Recruitment Agency

Finally, there are literally thousands of recruitment agencies out there that have thousands more ads for digital marketing jobs. If you are looking for digital marketing positions, then we suggest that you use a specialist agency rather than a catchall one. Not only will it provide you with the jobs you are looking for, you could also get the support and advice that you are really looking for.

At we have UK marketing jobs advertised covering everything from SEO roles and content marketing to executive positions and account management.

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