How to Create a Social Media Recruiting Agency

Social media has changed people's way of life in immense ways.


Lori Wade
social media recruiting agency
social media recruiting agency

Social Media has become a way where people can promote their products and brands without having to use a lot of money and with a ready target audience. However, people miss that it can be a perfect recruiting tool for many organizations. This is because many people use social media and are ready to offer their services to different companies. This gives employers a chance to explore as many candidates as possible and develop the right hires for the organization.

An organization needs to promote its job openings via various channels and collect resumes from interested candidates. Now, using CV parsing software, it is easier to find the ideal candidates.

Social Media Recruiting

This is when candidates are usually recruited using various databases ranging from adverts and social media posts. This mode of recruiting can either be done through crowdsourcing or HR vendors. In some cases, it can be a process of identifying, engaging, attracting, and hiring both active and passive clients into the organization. Social media recruiting mainly relies on word of mouth and targeted advertising to spread the message to people who might want to join a particular organization. This saves time when advertising for a position using traditional means.

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Creating a Social Media Recruiting Strategy

1.    Build an online reputation for the company

Building an online presence is the first step to creating an excellent social recruiting strategy. By having a good reputation, online people will want to work for you and know more about your strategies. Do not just focus on the target customer when you are doing branding, have the prospective employee in mind and ask yourself, what if they are viewing my social media posts? Are they inclined to join your organization after visiting your social media page?

2.    Pick the right channel for recruiting

Using the right social media tool plays a crucial role in ensuring that you get the right hires for your job. Though there are many social media pages, it is essential to pick one which aligns with your company’s goals. For instance, people in design are more likely to spend most of their social media time on Instagram. However, writers and researchers are more inclined to use Twitter or Facebook to express themselves. You can also opt to use niche social media websites such as Github to get programmers, Stackoverflow and Reddit.

3.    Make your social media page appealing

Your social media page is the first impression a candidate might encounter. This means that your posts should be appealing and well-curated with your organization’s thoughts and philosophies. In addition, when creating social media posts, even if it is for a job advertisement, it is essential to have an image. This makes the advertisement more appealing and is more likely to attract people to view the post. You can also add hashtags to increase your reach with social media marketing.

4.    Involve your employees in sharing

You can use your current employee network to spread the word about new job opportunities. For example, asking employees to participate in recruitment drives can be done by sharing posts on social media platforms. By asking employees to share the posts, they expand the reach of the posts and provide legitimacy to the job postings. This is because people are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family as they trust them more easily than a post on a company’s social media page on its own.

5.    Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a faster and easier way of targeting new hires. This is because they make it easy to create targets as to who will view the advertisement and can easily adjust it when they see the response is not what is expected. This is different from traditional media. Traditional media was seen as mainly casting a net and waiting for the best to happen in terms of who will respond to the advertisement and who would see it. Using the proper targeting, one can find the perfect candidate as one can easily provide the search parameters they would like when looking to fill in a particular position. However, when posting a job advertisement, one needs to use the right insight tools to avoid making mistakes that attract the wrong candidates.


Social recruiting is one of the best ways to ensure that organizations have the right hire from passive and active job seekers. This is because they can grab people’s attention through word of mouth and targeted social media marketing, making it easy to attract talent cheaply. For social media recruiting to work, one must make their page look appealing, build their social media profiles, and involve employees in their employment strategies.

Which methods do you think are effective when creating a social recruiting strategy?