How To Ensure Visitors Browse Your Website For Longer

You may spend hours writing a long piece of copy, but ultimately, most readers will skim read it for the odd sentence before promptly moving on.


Dave Relfe
ensure visitors browse your website longer
ensure visitors browse your website longer

Search engine optimisation, SEO techniques may bring in a bigger crowd, though very few of them are ever intending to return.

Despite record numbers of people using the internet in recent times, high percentages of them will exhibit erratic browsing behaviours. They’ll jump from website to website, and yours may be little more than a convenient pitstop.

Still, this doesn’t mean your website is doomed to be a passing thought. Here are some tips to ensure visitors stick around for the long haul.

Feature a Call to Action

At the end of your copy, sneak in a hyperlinked call to action statement. It will act as a digital signpost of sorts, directing your web visitors to the next webpage on your domain.

Still, a degree of sensitivity is needed here. It’s better for every recommendation you make to be related to the content that the visitor just read. That way, it’s more of an organic and helpful suggestion. If someone just read a post about landscaping their garden, another about decorations, plants, or wildlife may entice them to stick around.

Try to present your visitors with multiple options too. 3-4 is the perfect number so that you don’t underwhelm or overwhelm them. Calls to action should be exciting and give viewers an element of choice, allowing them to explore the depths of your website in their own time.

Create Perfect Video Content

In the digital age, not everybody is an ardent reader. Regardless of any personal feelings on the matter, it would help if you tried to accommodate as many people’s preferences as possible.

Video content can go a long way in getting visitors to stay on your website. A perfect blend of visuals, music, and editing will enable you to communicate a short yet more impactful message. This type of media can fulfil a variety of purposes, too, from company introductions to paid ads and product overviews. The possibilities are endless.

That said, poorly made videos can be polarising, so you need to focus on quality. Work closely with a professional video company like Origins of Motion. Not only do they create compelling videos, but they also have a long track record of designing distribution campaigns to go with them. They also understand that an audience will stay on a website for an average of 8 seconds, and they’ll work hard to engage them in that time.

Avoid Clickbait

By now, people have no tolerance for clickbait and are sceptical of much of what they see online by default. They almost anticipate being deceived.

Moreover, even mainstream media outlets have been accused of engaging with these practices in the past. Counter all of this. Make sure the titles of your blog posts accurately reflect the content shown. Don’t embellish any talking points. Refrain from padding things out to hit word counts as well.

Remember that visitors will rally to your website if it can be a beacon of credibility against all the misinformation out there today. You can stand out from the crowd simply by having integrity in all you do online.