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How to: Find a Job in Digital Marketing

Assuming you have the qualifications or the hard earned skills to work in digital marketing, one of the first steps in your job hunting challenge is actually to find listings and employment opportunities that lead somewhere.

how to find a digital marketing job

Whether you search on well-known job hunting sites or visit your local agencies, ads can often be a little low on the detail side and it’s difficult to know what to expect or what’s expected of you.

Here are our tips for getting it right first time:

1. Review Yourself Online

If someone is looking at your CV and considering you for a digital marketing job, the next thing they will do is check your online presence. Before you even start looking for a job, you need to make sure that this is all positive and in order. Check out what Google comes up with and review all (and we mean all) your posts, comments and shares on social media.

2. Pick a Location Where Digital Marketing is On The Rise

There are some hotspots around the country when it comes to digital marketing. One area that is certainly thriving with small business and tech startups is Brighton. The easiest way to find these is to search online with national job sites and see how many digital marketing jobs are available in particular areas.

3. Check Out Digital Marketing Specialist Sites

As a growing sector that many people are trying to get into in one form or another, there are now a number of specialist digital marketing recruitment sites online and in many towns and cities. Finding out where these are is important as it will help narrow down your search and get the job that you want. Big agencies are all well and good but they don’t tend to be as focused or as knowledgeable.

A good digital marketing specialist should attract some of the best jobs in your area. You will also be able to trust that the employment opportunities they have on offer are real. As a general rule:

  • Avoid any jobs that don’t come with a decent specification stating what the position involves.
  • Most digital marketers should expect to earn a set wage, so also steer clear of anything that appears to be commission based. There’s nothing wrong with these but it usually means that the company itself isn’t going to put too much investment in you.

4. Make Contact

The first step with most agencies nowadays is uploading your CV so that people can see it. With a dedicated digital marketing recruiter, you would expect this to be businesses looking for content writers, web designers, pay per click executives and the like.

Ensure that your CV is clear and compelling and highlights your qualifications and experience relating to all things digital marketing. That includes giving links to your own blog and your social media address.

5. Be Selective

While there are plenty of agencies you can choose from, it pays to be selective from the outset. Yes, spreading your net as wide as possible can increase your chances of finding a job quickly but it can also mean you get inundated with enquiries that don’t actually fit the bill.

Top Tip: Make sure you read all job specs carefully and tailor your application accordingly.

High on your list when looking for a job in digital marketing is picking the right agency. The good news is that all you need to do is sign up with our Digital Marketing Jobs platform to access the latest positions available around the region.

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