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How To Get a Digital Marketing Job Without Any Experience

It’s not hard to notice that business is growing more digital in its marketing efforts as time goes on. Not only is the digital age for big, international brands but small, local businesses as well. Everyone is making the switch to digital marketing.

digital marketing job without experience

As a result, you may be well aware of the growing importance of digital marketing professionals and the ever-growing number of opportunities they have. It may be a very attractive idea to get into digital marketing, yourself. However, you might believe that it’s impossible if you don’t have the experience you need to get started.

No-one starts off as an expert in digital marketing. It takes plenty of effort to build the skills you need, but there are plenty of ways to get the education you need. What’s more, it also takes an understanding of trends and the digital marketing landscape in general but, once again, no-one is born with that.

Provided that you’re well on your way to building the digital skills you need and building that understanding, how do you start on the path to the career you want?

The path to a career in digital marketing

There are plenty of opportunities to both build your own digital marketing brand, working for several different clients, and to find a role that can grow into a lifelong career in digital marketing. Even if you have no experience, you can give yourself the greatest chance of finding those opportunities by taking the initiative and selling your skills. It’s important to demonstrate not only the skills you train in digital marketing, but the flexibility, work ethic, and enthusiasm that makes you valuable.

Just as there are businesses looking for professionals who already know their way, there are also those more than willing to catch promising talent to develop them within a role. That said, it’s better to make yourself as competitive as possible and to make yourself stand above the rest. Here are a few ways to just that.

The Do’s

Let’s start with steps that help you land that role a little sooner. First of all, it’s wise to get yourself out there. This includes sending applications to as many entry-level digital marketing jobs as you can. If a role looks promising, you don’t have to be the perfect fit. You may end up finding your route to specialisation or growing a more diverse skillset as a result. Make sure you’re not only looking but that employers can find you, too. LinkedIn and job search sites can help you host your CV, so employers can send interview invitations on their own initiative.

You should sell your expertise outside environments that are specifically professional, too. For instance, it’s wise to join in discussions on social media and LinkedIn. Not only can this help you build a network, but if gives you the opportunity to share whatever specialised knowledge you have built. Hosting your own portfolio if your niche is content marketing, graphic design, or web design makes it much easier for potential employees to see that you know what you’re talking about, too. A blog can be another effective way to produce insightful content that you can disseminate, proving your knowledge.

Research is essential, too. This includes keeping up with the trends shaping the digital marketing landscape, as well as industry news. There are plenty of influencers and industry news sites to follow to ensure you don’t fall behind. If you’re in contact with a specific potential employer, ensure that you’re researching them, too. If you cater your CV, application, and interview to them in particular, your chances of success are greater.

The Don’ts

First of all, never lie about your skills or misrepresent yourself. If you claim to have experience that you don’t, it will become very clear after you land the job. Be truthful about any skills gaps you have, as it can result in seeing you getting trained on the job, which only helps your career in the end.

Make sure every application, CV, and interview is suited specifically to the potential employer. Generic CVs and covering letters will be buried under more promising prospects faster than you can send them out. Put as much effort into your applications as you do into learning and building your skillset, too. Employers appreciate effort and initiative, so be sure to show plenty of it.

In conclusion

There’s no trick or shortcut to building a career in digital marketing without any experience. The truth is that there are more roles than there are people to fill them so, as competitive as it might be, if you put a genuine effort into both building and selling your skills, you can find the place for you.

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