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Social Media

Looking Forward for Social Media Marketing

As we move (way too) quickly through 2019, and marketing plans and budgets begin to be developed, here are some social media factors to keep in mind.

social media marketing to reach friends who are using mobile phones

As ever, we start this piece with a reminder that digital marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing beast. It is an industry in which you can’t blink, and it’s important to look at both minute changes and broader trends. To help us do that, we all have available to us statistics and reports from across the web about how user preferences are changing, and what upcoming expectations are around that could help you hit your target audience on a social level.

But what we’ll try to do here is give you a sweep across some specific areas of social media that could be changing soon, or a are different than what you may have been led to believe.

Social media may not be the easy-access million sales market that some hoped for when it started burgeoning a decade ago, but it certainly gives opportunities that were almost unheard of previously. As we move (way too) quickly through 2019, and marketing plans and budgets begin to be developed, here are some social media factors to keep in mind.

Infographics on Social Media

A lot of talk came out a year or two ago around the ineffectiveness of infographics – that they were a fad that lasted a few years and that users quickly tired of them. Well, contrary to that is the report from Content Marketing Institute that suggests infographics are Liked or Shared more than three times as frequently as other forms of content (yep, more than video and photos!).

That’s not to say you should start flooding your feeds with cluttered, tired graphics at the expense of all other media, but you certainly shouldn’t leave it in the rear view mirror as yesterday’s idea.

Content Marketing on Social Media

The same report from CMI says that between businesses and consumers, social media has become, easily, the most favoured form of content marketing – with 90% of surveyed marketing professionals backing the medium as their go-to.

The Future on Social Media

Brands also need to, as with all parts of their business, be looking into a crystal ball when it comes to marketing if you’re truly to get ahead of competitors. For example, what do you know of WeChat? According to a report from research institute Gartner, around 95% of people over the age of 16 in China are using it. That’s crazy, no matter what way you look at it. So what is it? It is an all-in-one app, that allows users to chat with friends and colleagues, check their bank account, order a cab or food as well as just about anything else you can want from what is, essentially, a social media platform.

Why does this matter in the UK? Because some insiders believe Facebook is attempting to copy that template, and if they do (as seen through their purchase of WhatsApp and forceful push of Messenger use), marketers will need to be across it.

Facebook advertising agency

Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social media continues to be a huge industry, especially Facebook Advertising, but something to bear in mind is the increasing level of competition to get your brand in front of users. One thing to highlight this was Facebook’s admittance that, last year, they maxed out their ad space. That forced them to look for new places to display ads, which led to the sale of ad space in the Messenger app and mid-video snippets. So what’s next?

We’re already seeing masses of sponsored content on Instagram, with the platform open to anyone with a spare quid and an inclination to pay for coverage. Keep an eye on news coming out of Facebook about future advertising opportunities, and be prepared to be adventurous.

Dynamic on Social Media

Nothing stays the same. So as well as looking forward, we also need to look back at what used to be the case in this industry, and how that compares to now. One incredibly interesting part of that is the fall from grace of Facebook in the younger generation. According to SproutSocial, less than half of 12-17 year olds (in the US) will log on at least once per month now. That’s a big change, and it means those kids – and future spenders – are heading elsewhere. As a business owners or digital marketing professional, you need to be looking at where that business has gone, and how to reach them in 2019.

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