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6 Strategies For Boosting Brand Awareness

Essential marketing strategies every business should use

boosting brand awareness

If there was a metric to measure a brand’s success, it would probably be recognizability. Every business looks for new and innovative ways to boost brand awareness, online and offline.

If you are looking to boost your brand awareness, read below as we share essential marketing strategies every business should use in 2022.

Focus On Organic Social Media Growth

Nowadays, businesses took note of the power of social media marketing and we all know that this digital marketing branch and brand awareness go hand in hand. Depending on your target audience, you might use different social media channels, but the main idea is that you interact with your audience and form a community that will carry your brand to new heights.

Instagram is probably the top choice for everyone looking to create content and expand their brand with an arsenal of cool features that will allow you to entertain the crowd of 2 billion monthly users. Sadly, many make the mistake of not pursuing followers organically. More and more fall prey to the quick growth promises of automation tools such as Nitreo that focus on inorganic growth through bots. Most of the time, users who choose Nitreo end up with banned social media accounts and their brand suffers.

On the other hand, brands that focus on organic growth by creating quality content and regularly interacting with their audience, gain brand credibility much faster and create a whole community around their brand based on engagement and trust.

Referral Programs

With all the shifts in marketing strategies, it’s good to see that the traditional tried-and-true methods are still relevant today. Your customers will more likely be willing to spread the word of your brand if you offer them exclusive perks or special discounts if they bring in referrals your way.

Referral programs will help you generate a lot of word-of-mouth growth which will keep your brand’s name relevant in social interactions, ultimately leading to growth in brand awareness.

Have A Catchy Slogan

When we mention some brands, such as Nike or Coca-Cola, we always think of their slogans rather than their logos. Try to come up with a catchy slogan that will remain in the memory of every customer so that your brand becomes part of their daily life.

Explaining what your brand is all about in one witty sentence is what will grab the attention of multitudes effectively. Once you settle on the perfect slogan for your brand, you can create a branded hashtag and build a stronger social media brand awareness in a cool and fun way.

Partner Up With Other Brands

Working with another brand in your niche that complements yours is a great way to get your brand exposed to its audience. Partnering up with other brands for special events or sponsoring a sports team is a great strategy to boost brand awareness quickly and effectively.

In addition to that, you can hand out freebies such as mugs with your slogan or logo, t-shirts, or pens, among other things, everywhere around supermarkets, malls, and so on.

Rank High On SERPs

In today’s modern world every business needs a website. A website will allow you to showcase your new products, and communicate your future plans. Nowadays, setting up a website is the easiest thing in the world as all it takes is a few clicks on a website builder such as Weebly.

However, having a well-designed and professional-looking website won’t do you much good if it doesn’t rank high on search engines. To achieve that, you can work with marketing specialists that will optimize your website through the use of backlinks, keywords, titles, and other SEO techniques.

social media influencer

Partner With Influencers

Influencers are the main focus of social media content creation and they can do wonders for your brand exposure and awareness. For example, you can partner up with an influencer to review your upcoming line of product or have them post content using your product and provide them with discount codes that they can freely distribute among their audience to introduce a lot of new potential consumers to your brand.

Many businesses think that working with influencers costs an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case as ROI is almost always guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Raising brand awareness is the priority of every business with clear goals that aim for success. Go over our strategies and incorporate them to significantly boost your brand awareness.

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