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What Transferable Skills Are In Demand For Digital Marketing

Anyone who works in digital marketing knows that it’s a sector that is susceptible to constant change. Improving technology is one of the main drivers for this but so is how customers behave and what they want as well as the large amount of data we know have available which can help inform decision making.

transferable skills

That’s why keeping your skills up to date and making sure you aware of the current trends is important. Staying current not only allows you to do your job better but also makes you an attractive proposition to potential employers. The good news for job hunters is that there are plenty of good, strong transferable skills in digital marketing. Here are the main ones that are in high demand at the moment.

1. Be a Master of SEO

The idea that SEO is dead, or is dying, comes around every time Google changes its algorithms. The truth is that SEO isn’t in decline. It is simply evolving and changing as it has always done. If you’re an SEO specialist, the good news is you will still be in demand across a wide range of industries for some time to come. Most businesses have websites and want to attract more customers and prospects online. Not only that, they want to convert these people when they land on their site.

Of course, with all the changes that take place in SEO, it can often seem like you’re operating on permanently shifting sands. Long content seems to be the thing at the moment but that could well change in the next 18 months or so. As a master of SEO at the cutting edge of marketing, you’ll be helping to develop strategies and work alongside content creators to boost your company’s bottom line. It’s an area well worth focusing on if you want to stand out from the crowd in digital marketing and is still much in demand.

2. Be Analytical

Ever since we started to talk about big data, the power of processing information and using it to good effect has been key to the success of many businesses. In fact, analytics and data crunching has been a substantial part of digital marketing for a long time. Once you can get access to all that data about the customer’s journey and you understand what it means, you begin to develop marketing strategies that have more power. There’s only one way to understand the way customers behave and buy your products and that’s to crunch the numbers. If you’re good at it – and many people in digital marketing aren’t – you’ll be an invaluable asset to any business in any sector.

3. Be Social Media Savvy

Since it burst onto the scene over a decade ago, social media has been one of the primary digital marketing targets for businesses around the world. It took some while for marketers to understand and leverage all that potential. Over the last few years, however, social media marketing has become a staple of all campaigns and is currently one of the most powerful tools in the digital armoury. Social media marketing is easy. Great social media marketing, however, requires you to have a wide range of skills and understand how each channel works for your demographic.

You need to be able to create engaging content, use your knowledge of how visual media works, be able to analyse and change your approach based on the evidence and make use of assets such as the right timing to getting your message across. Social media is usually one of the first areas that businesses look at when they are trying to improve their marketing. It’s a transferrable skill that looks good on your CV and which many companies are desperate for. If you can demonstrate that you have a successful track record in this area it can really boost your employment prospects.

4. Be a Marketing Technology Expert

It’s become increasingly important to use technology in a wide range of digital services. This includes using apps and other innovations that make it easier and quicker to perform routine tasks. CRM systems and social media management tech are often at the forefront of these tech innovations. Using AI to, for example, handle customer queries and complaints online is becoming increasingly popular. Marketing technology, or MarTech, is basically anything that makes the life for digital marketers and businesses easier and more profitable.

This is an area that has really developed over the last half a decade and one which many marketers are still not completely onboard with. But MarTech can help cut down errors, provide a more streamlined service to customers and business and, perhaps just as importantly, significantly reduce costs. If your finger is on the pulse of the latest marketing technology, that’s an asset that many employers in the digital arena will be looking for, even if they don’t know it yet.

5. Be a Content Curator

While there’s a lot that can be used to build a good marketing presence online, we all know that content is still king. It’s the sheer variety that has changed over the last few years and which digital marketers need to have a handle on. Not only is there traditional written content but you’ve got images and video as well as augmented reality and virtual reality. What content works for which particular audience and gives you the best return on investment involves implementing a highly nuanced path to decision making. Content creators and curators are much in demand and it’s probably one of the most important transferable digital skills that you need in the marketplace today.

As a content marketer, you need to understand what’s being shared at the moment and how this can be used to promote the company you are working for. Are most of your customers found on social media or do you need to look further afield including in the world of VR, to attract people and get them to buy or hire your service? It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in your digital marketing career or you’ve been around for a while. Understanding what the marketplace is looking for is important. And it is always, always changing. If you can develop and improve your skills in the any of the above areas, you’ll appeal to a wide range of businesses and organisations, from simple startups to large corporations. If you can do more than one, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd the next time you put in an application.


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