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What Can I Do With My Marketing Degree?

A common question for those coming out of university is, “what can I actually do with this marketing degree?”. And there may be few degrees that lead to this question more often than a Bachelor of Marketing. So, you’ve just completed your marketing degree and you’re wondering where to go from here. We’ve put together a list that might help.

marketing degree

What is marketing?

But first off, what is marketing? We’re sure you’ve heard all sorts of descriptions of the industry whilst you’ve been at uni, but as all students find out: the real world is often vastly different. Marketing is much more (these days) than telling your company story to as many people as possible. Marketing, and particularly data-driven and digital marketing, is all about relationship building, engagement, and going on a journey with your leads – whether that’s 1 person face-to-face or a million website users.

How has marketing changed?

Marketing has changed since marketing degrees were first concocted in that buyers are far more business savvy and aware of marketing techniques than we used to be. As a consumer yourself, you’ll know the feeling you get when you feel like you’re being ‘push sold’ a product: you switch off. And, in particularly bad cases, you’ll avoid that company from that point on. All of the above needs to be kept in mind as you wade in to the job searching scene. What sort of marketing do you want to focus on, and what sort of jobs can you get with the experience and qualifications you’ve accrued whilst studying?

What jobs can I look for in marketing?

Here, we’ve put together a list of a few of the standard marketing jobs you might want to consider:

Copywriter: If you’re especially good at writing, and you enjoy using words to carve stories that create customers, then copywriting & a career in content marketing might be for you. The good news is that if you can demonstrate a knack for writing, you may be able to avoid the dreaded ‘3-5 years experience’ tag in your application.

Social Media Manager: With how proficient (almost) every student is in social media management these days, this is a role that is more and more hotly contested in the application stage. It’s attractive not just because of its familiarity to us but because it gives a chance at real creativity with tangible results.

Website Designer: This is one of those roles that requires a combination of skills and, potentially, training/qualifications. Website design continues to blossom as a specialised industry in spite of ‘do it yourself’ website building programs. This is because there is such a technical and research aspect to the field that requires a combination of analytical and creative thinking to create a truly effective website design. If you like problem solving and you have coding and design capabilities, this might be the role for you.

SEO Specialist: As with Website Designer roles, being an SEO specialist isn’t just about having qualifications in broad marketing. This is a specialised role that you’ll need some training, qualifications or experience in to land more than an intern role. Search Engine Optimisation as an industry is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down – it’s just getting harder to be an expert at, as algorithms and factors involved become more and more convoluted and harder to strategize for. That said, if you have analytical skills, coding knowledge, and interest in playing the game, then this can be an extremely rewarding career.

Event Manager: But, it’s not all about the digital sphere if you were beginning to worry – there’s also roles on the ground that are equally important in the marketing industry. One such job is as an Event Manager, where you’ll be responsible for (amongst a myriad of other things) delivering events for your company that either engage and retain your existing clients, deliver new leads or, ideally, do both of the above. Events are a critical part of what we spoke about above, in terms of going on a journey with your client base, and being the manager of these gives you access to meeting numerous people, socialising in fantastic situations, and seeing tangible benefits of the work you do for your employer.

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