Why SEO Is Crucial For Modern Business And How To Get Started

SEO is a crucial aspect to modern digital marketing, with it’s primary aim being to increase your online visibility and successfully push internet users towards looking at your business’s online content by increasing its place in the search engine rankings.


Dave Relfe
seo agency
seo agency

We go into the ways in which businesses should use SEO to ensure their online advertising campaigns are impactful and increase conversions and ultimately sales.

Understanding the Importance of SEO and Digital Marketing is Key for Businesses Today

When it comes to online digital marketing, it’s pretty much a Darwinist style evolve or become extinct matter of affairs for modern day businesses. They simply can’t operate in today’s market and sell products and services online without well run digital marketing campaigns.

Many businesses need a strong digital marketing campaign but do not have their own in-house SEO team, so they request the services of an SEO Agency. There are plenty of reliable digital marketing agencies on the market who have the know-how, and experienced dependable staff and teams on board running SEO campaigns. For instance, the guys at Big Surf Digital, an SEO agency based in London, know how to provide businesses with engaging SEO campaigns.

Businesses operating in 2021 should embrace SEO as being at the heart of their digital marketing strategies and essential in helping them achieve their sales targets and business goals. SEO is most certainly not going anywhere for the moment and remains a pillar of digital marketing in the modern digital age.

Effective SEO Increases Businesses Web Traffic Enabling Them to Rank Higher in the Search Engine

SEO when carried out effectively manages to increase your business’s visibility and increase its ranking in the search.

The higher you rank in the search engine; the more people click on and see your site. Having your business on the first page of the google search provides clear results and on average amounts to 33% of the total clicks!

The Importance of Knowing Your Customers and Where They Go to Online

For SEO and social media campaigns to work well for your business, it is crucial that you take the right steps to make sure you are able to understand your customer base well, as well as where they may go online. Managing to advertise in places where your customer base tends to go to frequently online should lead to them seeing more of your online content regularly.

For SEO campaigns to have positive results and lead to sales and conversions it is vital that the SEO team gathers data on social media sites to analyse where the clicks for your business mainly originate from. Is it Instagram? Facebook? Youtube? Twitter? This will help you to understand better how your customer base and key audience behaves online and help you to organise and adjust SEO and social media advertising campaigns accordingly so users can see your business’s online content as much as possible.

Optimizing Advertising Content and Making Sure Campaigns are Engaging, Eye catching, and Far from Boring

Anyone involved in running an SEO business or just an SEO campaign should bear in mind that capturing the attention of audiences is vital and plays a key role in SEO. If users are for some reason not drawn to clicking on a link or an advertisement online, then the business’s content as a result will not not be seen by many people.

Here are some tips to various techniques that businesses can use to advertise on social media in an engaging and original way:

Use short clips and ‘stories’ on Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok and so on. Short, snappy, and to the point video clips are an effective marketing message to quickly capture online audiences’ attention.

Try and invest in using recognised online ‘influencers’ to increase your brands visibility. It may take a little chunk out of your advertising campaign’s budget, but online influencers are key to digital marketing and in recent years have become true online Hollywood style figures widely recognised by younger users. Gym Shark, now a company which is valued at over £1 billion, has managed to grow rapidly in recent years and was one of the first companies to use digital influencers as a vital part at the forefront of their digital marketing campaigns.

Use hashtags and captions which grasp users’ attention. Good, fashionable hashtags will enable your business to come up on the ‘trending page’ of Twitter if they become popular with users. So come up with some punchy one liners or popular shorthand terms to get your business’s products or services trending and talked about online.

Focussing On Keyword Research is Important for SEO

Shrewd and well-orchestrated keyword research is a pivotal side to good Search Engine Optimization and top online advertising campaigns. But what exactly is keyword research?

Keyword research is essentially businesses coming up with common search terms that users may decide to enter into big search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGO.

Keyword research is an important step for an SEO campaign because it enables businesses to rank highly in the search for a given topic and helps promote their products and services in an effective manner to online users.

There is a wealth of keyword tools and software out there to assist businesses with keyword research for SEO for their online advertising campaigns, popular SEO tools include SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and many more.

The Importance of Using High Quality in Bound Links for SEO

There are high quality links which have high authority and relevancy which will be recognised right away by the majority of users online. Some examples of high-quality links include household brand names, government departments and agencies, and so on. High-quality back links should also appear natural and not as if they have been blatantly shoe-horned for advertising and marketing purposes.

Poor backlinks to unreliable sources with low authority that are irrelevant does not help in any way to help boost your business’s ranking in the search engine. Stick to high quality, relevant links for your SEO.