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Why You Want A Career In Digital Marketing

The internet has completely changed (and continues to change) the way that businesses and brands engage with their customers and the wider audience beyond them. New ways of sharing their story, of selling their services, and building a community has transformed the brand/consumer relationship. With a career in digital marketing, you may play a very direct role in that transformation.

want a career in digital marketing

But why would you want a career in digital marketing to begin with?

The answer to that question is naturally going to vary from person to person. However, it’s hard to deny that there’s plenty to like about a career that rewards creativity, continually offers new challenges, and has plenty of room for new arrivals.

It’s hard to find any two careers in digital marketing that are alike. To find the truly lucrative work, it takes constant self-improvement, a broad skill base, knowledge of both business needs and consumer behaviours. Is it all worth the trouble?

Plenty of places to get started in digital marketing

As it stands, it’s hard to see if the need for digital marketing experts will ever stop growing. There are new jobs being created in the field constantly, both by huge brands and by digital marketing teams that outsource their services to multiple brands.

What’s more, amongst all those roles, there is plenty of opportunity for specialisation. Right now, there’s as much career potential in learning SEO as there is in learning content marketing or social media marketing. There’s a significant skills gap when it comes to digital marketing so while there are plenty of bodies to compete with, learning a few choice digital skills can help you stand well above them.

There’s room to get started with a career in digital marketing regardless of your niche. To really make the best of it, however, it’s wise to consider what you want from your career and which skills seem to offer the most rewarding paths, financially and emotionally.

The digital marketing field constantly evolves

It’s hard to be bored when the industry and, by extension, your career is constantly changing and developing. The most consistent thing about the field is its inconsistency, meaning you may not be doing the same work in five years that you’re doing now.

That said, you won’t have to lose your roots and the training that grounded you. Many of the means of marketing stay the same, while the finer details or platforms/software you use evolve. However, big shifts do happen, so it’s important to stay informed on trends in the digital marketing landscape and to be willing to think and work outside the box. A greater diversity of skills allows you not only to find work in a huge range of diverse projects and campaigns but makes it easier for your career to withstand the test of time.

woman immersed in a virtual reality experience

Plenty of wiggle room

With that idea of developing a diversity of skills comes the flexibility to seamlessly slip from one kind of career in digital marketing to another. For instance, both more technically minded professionals and content writing experts shifted into the industry that grew around search engine optimisation. New digital marketing fields such as AR marketing, voice technology marketing, and Virtual Reality VR marketing can offer you plenty of room to switch gears during your career without abandoning the skills and experiences that have brought you so far.

The constant diversity of work is not only engaging, challenging, and entertaining. Taking advantage of it builds a career that lasts, offering you a broad range of skills that make it much easier for you to find work no matter how the landscape changes.

Perfect for those who like to work under their own steam

It’s hard to find any two digital marketing careers that are exactly alike. Some people may work with one brand for over a decade, while another may prefer the life of a freelancer that is constantly finding new clients. In digital marketing, it’s not just your role in a team that’s valuable, it’s your skills. Those skills can be sold anywhere, so there’s plenty of room for freelancing or setting up a business if you want to.

You can turn yourself into an industry authority with a blog, a social media following, webinars, podcasts, and more, giving you the opportunity to show your niche expertise and build your own brand.

Does a career in digital marketing sound worth it to you?

A career in digital marketing can offer rewards that go well beyond the financial (though they can be plenty lucrative, too). If you want to find your place in a market that offers significant security but is constantly challenging and changing, then it just might be the right path for you.


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